be loved

How do you show up for others? Are you comfortable saying what you really feel? What are your hidden agendas? Are they helping or hurting you when it comes to getting and receiving love? In this newsletter, we will explore some tools that may help get and keep the relationships we want.


The Mind/body connection

How about a New Year’s resolution that begins right where you are? Instead of some new and improved version of ourselves – someone who eats better, gets more exercise and saves more money - I wonder what it would be like if we faithfully took up a practice of compassionately noticing, without judgment, the emotions and patterns of behavior that make up our personality. Science tells us that such a resolution could improve not only our mental health but our physical health as well.



 In this newsletter you will read about the negative bias we have in our brains and how by inviting awareness around your thought system you can change this negative default to a positive one. It is no exaggeration to say that this practice can change your life.


contacting your inner child

Relationships can be challenging.  What makes them even more challenging is when our adult behaviors reflect the unmet needs we had as children.  


the power of touch

Touch is the first language we acquire at birth and research suggests that it is even the first sense we develop in vitro. Through physical touch we communicate our emotions and identify the feelings of others. In this newsletter, we will explore the importance of touch and how it can be our most available healing agent. 


Accessing safety

This month we will explore the vital role that the nervous system plays in accessing safety. As it turns out, when our nervous system is out of balance our learning, attention, behavior and health are compromised, as well as our sense of self. 


Managing your “energy field”

For thousands of years, people have known the power of cultivating, maintaining and charging their personal energy field.  In this newsletter, we will explore why this ancient practice of paying attention to your energy is still important.

True Self

In this newsletter, we will explore the most important love relationship of all, the one you have with your True Self. Without a strong connection to our True Self, all other forms of love will be challenged.  Why?  It’s simple. The relationship we have with our True Self is the model on which we base all others.


This month, I invite you to try a simple practice that can help you to recognize your emotions and integrate them effectively. The practice can renew your mental, physical and spiritual vitality and help you create new patterns and new ways of being in the world.



For most of us, the holidays are often a mixed blessing.  As we spend time with family and loved ones, we can often be triggered by challenging behaviors that resurface when we find ourselves in an old pattern or dynamic.


What does it mean to heal mind, body, spirit?

In the following newsletters, we will continue to explore the meaning of the body-mind-Spirit connection and the importance of remembering all levels in an effort to maintain health. 


What is full gestalt

In this first newsletter, I would like to explain my work as a body psychotherapist and my particular modality that I have named Full Gestalt.