Full Gestalt is a holistic, multidimensional approach to psychotherapy, founded by Judy Choix that invites all dimensions of the individual into session. Techniques used facilitate awareness into one’s organic being to engage and integrate body, mind and spirit for effective and lasting healing. This type of therapy can be referred to as body psychotherapy and is outlined in The Full Gestalt Manifesto. A link can be found at the bottom of this page.


Gestalt is a phenomenological, existential methodology that uses the "field" and the "here and now" to facilitate awareness around how one shows up in the world. Field theory is a psychological theory that examines patterns of interaction between the individual and the life space in which they live. A person’s “field” includes both a person’s objective reality, things they can see and touch, as well as their subjective reality, things that live in their subconscious. In other words, every moment of experience is held in your field, both conscious and unconscious, and available to you at any given moment of time.

In the "hear and now" of a therapy session, Gestaltists facilitate experiments that emphasize gaining an enbodied awareness of patterns and behaviors of patterns of their clients. Gestalt believes that an embodied experience is more valuable than insight. Each of us have an internal set of learned expectations about intimate relationships with ourselves and others. This belief matrix has been encoded in our brain as memory and the body as body structure and tensions. It is through this multidimensional web of psychological and physical systems that we create the lens in which we perceive and interact in and with the world. It can be said that our environment imposes most of our perceptions on us and that the work of therapy is undoing these "shoulds" so that we can be in touch with our authentic "wants." Becoming alert to energy patterns that move us through life gives us an opportunity to choose rather than be unconsciously directed to movement through life. Our organism becomes more aligned with our thoughts, words and actions.


For thousands of years, before allopathic medicine, indigenous people have relied on tapping into the “energy” field as a way of healing. “Subtle energy body” is a general term used by many ancient spiritual traditions such as Ayurveda, Tantra, Qi Gong, Yoga, and Acupuncture. With the synthesis of Eastern and Western medicine, CAM modalities that treat the body-mind- spirit have come to use this term as well. It refers to the layers or aspects of the field correlating to different planes or vibrations of existence. These include the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers or bodies of a person. It is considered the infrastructure, the invisible foundation and webbing of health.

In this system, energy centers and pathways are in dynamic interplay effecting your cells, organs, moods and thoughts. The theory is that the physical body is the densest part of the system and is sustained by the more subtle aspects of the energy system. Disturbances in the more subtle energy fields create imbalances and disturbances in the physical body and vice-versa.

Shifting energies in any dimension of the subtle body influences the other dimensions, therefore influencing health, emotions and state of mind.

Making contact with the unseen energy field of a client and facilitating their knowledge of these unseen forces is an important part of Judy's work. This is facilitated in various ways such as energy work, visualizataions, guided meditation, and dreamwork to name a few. Through these modalities, a client has an opportunity to unblock frozen energies and heal past wounds thus freeing energies for greater potential in the present.


Healing is not the curing of pathology. It is the creation of a healing context where changes can occur that could not occur before.

How can therapy help? Life happens on a continuum. In therapy, under supportive, safe and empathic conditions, the client gets to explore, experiment and make contact with lost parts of themselves. Energies that were held hostage by life’s challenges are released and become available to revitalize the system. When energies in the body are unblocked and flowing, life becomes easier. More of “you” is available to make the choices that lead to a happier, fuller life.

How is Full Gestalt different then other talk therapies and bodywork? Using both talk and energy therapies the client is realigned with their core. Old beliefs and behaviors are challenged and replaced with new self-affirming thoughts and actions. Connections to self that were severed in the body, mind and energy fields are reconnected. No aspect of Self is unwelcomed in session. When we are connected to Self a sense of wholeness and living life authentically emerges.

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